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Coping with Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms

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Foods Substitute For SmokingOnce you’ve quit smoking, you may feel more sleepy or lightheaded, or overly excited and irritable. You may have cravings for sweet or salty foods at times when you used to smoke. These are signs indicating that the nicotine is leaving your body.

Remember that many of these physical symptoms will go away within the first couple of weeks. After the first week, much of the nicotine will have left your system and with it your body’s reaction to the immediate loss of a chemical that it had become used to.

After that, you will still have cravings and other reactions, but these cravings will be based on the psychological associations you have developed, such as not being able to enjoy your morning coffee without a cigarette. But these associations will lessen over time.

Anxiety – Treat Yourself

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causes of anxietyThere are a few things one can do to try and avoid or concur feelings of anxiety, and it starts by recognizing that you have a problem. Try to identify what are the causes of your feeling of anxiety.

If the cause is a specific fear you can make a plan to try to avoid this fear. If it is economically driven, for example, make a plan or a budget to live by. Try to start saving, which will alleviate your fear somewhat.

If the anxiety is caused by some event in the past and it is playing like a loop in your head over and over again, you can will it to stop with techniques a health professional can teach you.