New Help in Detecting Breast Cancer at its Earliest Stage

For all of the lives that have been saved through mammography’s, they cannot detect all breast cancers and new imaging machines are available that can detect breast tumors at a higher rate. Faster detection and treatment of breast cancer remains the best chance of survival. To help in this fight the Pink Link, which is an online breast cancer support network that offers free support to all breast cancer patients, is encouraging support of these machines.

The fight against breast cancer has been increasingly successful with early intervention and treatments. One of the most important messages that breast cancer support groups can help spread is that you can survive breast cancer and with the help of new treatment options, you can win your battle. In addition, now with the support of new legislation breast reconstruction is available for all patients who have insurance. Breast reconstruction offers the chance for those who have had cancer surgery to return to their pre-cancer breasts.

New Help Detecting Breast Cancer

Pink Revolution is helping raise funds with the UMass Memorial Medical Center Foundation for a vaser liposuction machine to be used at the UMass Memorial Medical Center. Vaser liposuction is helpful for physicians when performing breast reconstruction surgeries.

This procedure uses your own natural body fat from your belly, back, thighs and buttocks to be used in reconstructing your breasts. Returning to a natural body look will help reduce the emotional toll that breast cancer takes on women. Liposuction price may be sometimes hefty, but you’ll be surprised at the number of people who still wants to undergo this procedure.

The fight against breast cancer is an all-encompassing journey that will take patients and their families through an emotional roller coaster. Any technology or healthy lifestyle that can be used to reduce that emotional toll is a good investment in our society. Pink Link as a community is leading the fight against breast cancer and they encourage all to join. With the available new imaging technology and the advances in breast reconstruction, we can all lend a hand in helping patients fight and win their battle against breast cancer. As a society, we should stand behind all of those that are fighting breast cancer and we should encourage our legislators and scientific community to keep working towards early detection and treatment of breast cancer .

New Help in Detecting Breast Cancer at its Earliest Stage
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