Creating A Marketing Plan For Your Massage Salon or Spa

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Massage therapy is gaining worldwide attention for its many health benefits. Even though massage has been around since the times of ancient Egypt, many more people are now just discovering all of positive aspects of this natural and alterative branch of medicine.

If you are currently fed up with your 9 to 5 job that is going nowhere and want to get a slice of a lucrative industry, now is the time to become your own boss and open up a massage parlor or spa. Due to this industry being very competitive, you will need to formulate an efficient marketing campaign so that you will be able to get your brand name out there to the public and draw in lots of clients. is one of the leading providers of high quality massage and spa products. For more than 10 years, Massage Warehouse has been offering its clients second to none customer service and top notch products, including oils, creams and lotions, massage products, equipment, aromatherapy, treatment supplies and also beauty and esthetic items. Not only does Massage Warehouse want to educate its customers about the health benefits of massage, but they also want to teach them how to run a successful massage parlor if that is what they wish to do. Read the rest of this informative article, brought to you by Massage Warehouse, to learn how you can get your massage parlor’s name out there and effectively reach new clients.

The very first thing that you will need to do is to write a blueprint for your marketing campaign. Having a plan of action will not only keep you organized, it will also keep you on track.

You will need to also write out a brief introduction. Include the origins of massage therapy and a brief history about the industry. You then can go on to describe the recent market and info on how your business will be able to succeed. Include mention of any special licensing, credentials, training or other special items that can set you apart from your competitors.

Talk about the competition in your city and how your massage parlor will be able to stand out from the rest. You can use different examples of your education or training and also the services that you plan to offer that make you stand out from the crowd. Be sure to elaborate on your plan for unique promotions and deals that will give brand new customers an initiative to come into your store. Also be sure to mention the demographics of your surrounding areas, including the age, gender, average household incomes and any other details that will be important regarding your clientele.

Take your future customers on an imaginary walkthrough of your massage parlor so that they will be able to know what to expect after arriving there. Tell them about the ambiance of your business and how relaxed they are going to feel once they step through your front doors.

It is also essential that you mention all of your financial info in your marketing plan. Talk about the different ways you plan on funding your business and the marketing campaign, such as through radio, TV or print ads. Make a point to also use brochures and business cards that you can pass out to the general public.

It is very important to have a good and efficient marketing plan in place if your business is going to succeed. Writing down your marketing campaign can help you find success and know exactly what to do to achieve it.