Biofreeze And Other Options For Relief

Biofreeze is a popular product that is used to provide relief from pain. It is topically applied and, just as the name implies, Biofreeze has the quality of making the skin feel cold, as if ice were placed on the part that hurts. It’s not used in the same fashion as ice, of course, but it is used to treat the same types of problems that ice is typically used on. The basics of this product are easy to understand and it’s easy to use.


Biofreeze is used in massage therapy quite a lot. In that context, it provides a way for a massage therapist to offer a patient a bit more relief via the cold sensation it offers. This can make muscles feel more relaxed and, in particular, it can be used to alleviate pain from parts of the body that are sprained or strained. This makes it a great choice for athletes or for those who simply enjoy the occasional athletic undertaking, even if it leaves them rather stiff and sore after they’re done.

Biofreeze can be found in many massage therapy establishments and in use by medical professionals who offer some sort of massage in the course of their practice.

Home Use

Biofreeze can be used by everyday people just as it can by professionals. In this regard, it’s similar to many other such products that are applied topically and that provide relief from minor injuries and discomfort. This can be done in several different ways.

Biofreeze can be applied right after a workout to the places that get sore. Runners, for instance, may apply it to their feet and knees to get some relief from the common pains that those who engage in that activity suffer. People who play basketball may end up using it on other parts of the body and people who are avid mountain bikers on still others. It’s safe to use as directed just about anywhere on the body, so that makes it flexible enough to be used regularly and for a variety of different issues.


There are several different ways that Biofreeze can be purchased and these different packages offer different application methods. For instance, there are roll-on versions of this product that are used almost like roll-on deodorant. These are great for instances where one needs to apply a thin coating of Biofreeze to a sore spot on the body but when they don’t want to deal with a gel or liquid.

There is also a gel pack option available with this product. This is great for keeping in a running bag or another area where it can be handy and ready for use whenever needed. These single use packets are also great for camping and other activities where carrying an entire bottle would likely be overkill but where some Biofreeze may make the experience more pleasant.

The product, once applied, can provide very long lasting relief and ensure that athletes don’t get sidelined by annoying pains. One must keep in mind, however, that this product is for treating symptoms, not actual injuries. In any case where one feels a pain that will not go away and that keeps manifesting over and over again, it’s highly advisable to talk to a physician about the matter so that they can see if there is some sort of underlying issue that is contributing to the problem. If there is, the physician may be able to provide relief with another treatment, though using topical ointments may be part of that. ProMedXpress and other online retailers carry Biofreeze in many different dispensers.

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