H1N1-Don’t Have a Cow over Swine Flu

istock_000000956230smallThere was a lot of hysteria over the H1N1 flu when it first hit; while it is a bad virus, it isn’t as bad as feared.???? ? ????????????? ?????????? ? ???? ? ?????

H1N1 tends to affect younger people more than older people, since many folks over 55 have been exposed to a cousin of the current H1N1 virus back in 1957. Also, this flu isn’t as lethal as many viruses of the recent past, like the bird flu that hit Asia or SARS that hit Canada and China earlier in the decade. That being said, people have died from this bug, including 4 people in Kentucky.

You don’t get swine flu from eating pork products. Pigs and humans have similar cardiovascular systems and thus are prone to the same diseases, but proper cooking will kill off the virus; lunch meats are already cooked, so any bugs they have aren’t generally from the animals providing the meat.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

That’s one of the reasons the media has made an effort not to use “swine flu” to describe the virus; while it is suspected that the virus was first transmitted via pigs, it was more likely from live pigs to a farmer, not from eating a ham sandwich or a BLT.

swine-flu-preventionMost of the prevention methods are good for avoiding any bug; wash your hands before eating, keep those hands away from your mouth and nose if they haven’t been washed and keep away from folks if you’re sick. Hand sanitizers like Purell have done a land-office business this year; when H1N1 hit the University of Florida’s football team had, a Kentucky sportswriter christened their head coach Urban “Purell” Meyer.

Face masks can catch coughs and help keep you from infecting others, but they are less effective in keeping yourself from getting infected. A better prevention method that is underused is staying home when you’re sick. We often have the ethic of “playing hurt” and trying to tough-out your illness, but you don’t want other folks to go through H1N1, so stow your inner John Wayne and stay home if you’re sick.

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