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Allergy – Food Allergies

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food allergiesFood allergies affect about 3% of children and 1% of adults and can be caused by many different foods. The body’s reaction to those allergies is similar to those of environmental allergies, mainly the body treats that food as an enemy and sent antibodies to fight it.

While environmental allergies enter our body through the nose and mouth, and can be avoided or removed, the reaction to the food allergy happens inside the body and that is what makes it much more dangerous.  As the person eats the food he is allergic to, he might feel an itch in his mouth, then when the food is in the stomach he might start vomiting, when the allergens reach and travel trough the blood stream it might cause a drop in blood pressure.

Allergy – Environmental Factors

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bigstockphoto_Medical_team_789179There are different elements in our daily environment that can cause an allergic reaction.

The most common of them all is allergy to pollen, or as it is called “Hay Fever”. It is a seasonal allergy most common in the spring and fall. Symptoms are watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. There are many over the counter medication that address this problem by administering anti histamine that blocks the body’s reaction to those normally not harmful substances. 

Self Help Preventions and Treatment to Combat Allergies

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allergy in childPeople say that if something doesn’t feel right – avoid it. This is the best advice one can give when asked how to live with allergies. Understanding what triggers the allergy is the first step.

It’s always good to know some home treatments to combat allergies ; The first one is keep the house clean and free of dust.

If there are dust mites allergies, cover the mattress and pillows and use only synthetic pillows.