Anxiety – Treat Yourself

causes of anxietyThere are a few things one can do to try and avoid or concur feelings of anxiety, and it starts by recognizing that you have a problem. Try to identify what are the causes of your feeling of anxiety.

If the cause is a specific fear you can make a plan to try to avoid this fear. If it is economically driven, for example, make a plan or a budget to live by. Try to start saving, which will alleviate your fear somewhat.??????? ??????? – ??? ??????

If the anxiety is caused by some event in the past and it is playing like a loop in your head over and over again, you can will it to stop with techniques a health professional can teach you.
Accept the past for what it is – the past. You can not change it. Learn to live in the present, and as they say in Alcoholic Anonymous – “change the things you can and accept the things you can not change”.
Since there is such a strong body and mind connection you could do some physical things to help you cope with anxiety. The first and foremost thing is exercise. Exercise releases serotonin in our brain, and serotonin is responsible for our feeling of well being. If you manage to increase the level of serotonin with vigorous exercise, you will feel better.

Learn some relaxation techniques such as meditation, listening to music or engaging your mind by solving crossword puzzles or reading a book. Going to the movies is also a good distraction. Remember what you feel now you might not feel in an hour.
You must have enough rest to help you brain regain it’s balance. Lack of sleep has many diverse affects on the body and increasing the stress level is one of them.

Change the things you can change. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, chocolate and nicotine. All those tend to increase your heart rate.
Join social groups or volunteer for some charity. Being in the company of others sometime relieves the tension. Being alone tends to make things seem harder than they really are.

It is advised to keep a diary of how you feel everyday and what you did to change it. Looking back on your diary might show you some common reasons for your anxiety and might reveal some technics that work for you. You have to make sure your symptoms are not getting worse while you treat yourself.
When all those things don’t seem to help, ask for advice from a medical professional.

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