Self Help Preventions and Treatment to Combat Allergies

allergy in childPeople say that if something doesn’t feel right – avoid it. This is the best advice one can give when asked how to live with allergies. Understanding what triggers the allergy is the first

It’s always good to know some home treatments to combat allergies ; The first one is keep the house clean and free of dust.

If there are dust mites allergies, cover the mattress and pillows and use only synthetic pillows.

Screens on doors and windows will prevent insects flying in and stinging.

allergy to pollenOn windy days, if you are allergic to pollen, keeps the windows closed to prevent pollen from getting in and aggravating your eyes and nose. Especially between 10AM and 3Pm, that is when the pollen is at it’s highest.

Before turning on the heat the first time in winter, make sure you clean the heating ducts. They tend to collect dust during the summer months and activating the heating system without cleaning will cause the dust to fly all over the house.

Use a air purifier in the house, especially if you have small allergic children. It removes pollen, mold and other allergens from the air.

Use a humidifier to keep the air in the house moist. Dry air aggravates seasonal allergies.

Finding out what food causes an allergic reaction might take some work. Write down everything you or your child eats and note the difference in the reactions. With time you are bound to find which food it is.

If you have itching and hives on your skin – make sure you know what caused it, what plant exactly and get rid of it, or don’t go near it in the future.

If an allergic reaction did happen and the throat is sore – gargle with warm salt water.

AllergiesTake an antihistamine when you feel the onset of Hay Fever.

Allergies are worse in wet weather. Prevent the formation of mold in bathrooms and basements, and get rid of it as soon as you find a wet spot. Bleach will help kill the mold.

If the allergic reaction is severe, if a difficulty in breathing develops or the face and throat and tongue start to swell or a skin infection develops go to the emergency room. The time it takes for a severe allergic reaction to develop is very short.

It is possible and not too difficult to live with allergy . All it takes is a little planning.

Self Help Preventions and Treatment to Combat Allergies
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