Allergy – Environmental Factors

bigstockphoto_Medical_team_789179There are different elements in our daily environment that can cause an allergic reaction.

The most common of them all is allergy to pollen, or as it is called “Hay Fever”. It is a seasonal allergy most common in the spring and fall. Symptoms are watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. There are many over the counter medication that address this problem by administering anti histamine that blocks the body’s reaction to those normally not harmful substances. 

environment allergyTo prevent the appearance of the allergy in the first place, one has to avoid certain plants that are known as allergens by removing them from the immediate surrounding and staying indoors when the wind is blowing especially during the blooming season.

Dust mite Allergy is caused by those microscopic organisms that thrive in house dust and in the mattress one sleeps on. The symptoms are like those of the pollen allergy but they continue all year round. The same medications that helps pollen allergies might help the dust mite allergy.

To prevent the allergy from starting, it is advised to keep the house, especially the bedroom clear of dust, cover the mattress and pillows with dust covers and wash the sheets weekly in hot water. Stuffed animals, rugs and curtains also contain dust mites.

Mold allergy – mold is a fungi that has microscopic spores that get released to the air and breathed in by us. Mold can be found in bathrooms, basements and closets and needs the presence of humidity to thrive. The symptoms are similar to those of pollen allergy with the addition of a dry cough.

Allergy FactorsAnimal dander – The saliva, oil glands and skin of certain animals cause an allergic reaction in some people. The symptoms are runny nose, itchy eyes and skin itch. Unfortunately the treatment and prevention of those kind of allergies requires the removal of the pet from the house. Medication might help but you’ll have to keep taking it all day every day.

Latex allergy – Those gloves used by doctors and nurses cause allergic reaction in some people. Symptoms can include watery eyes, skin rash, cough, wheezing and shortness of breath. They can be moderate to severe with hives developing and gastrointestinal problems. It is important for those people to wear a medical bracelet in case they will need an unexpected medical attention that can be aggravated by the use of latex gloves.

Environmental allergies are uncomfortable and annoying but the symptoms are usually mild. A twenty four hour antihistamine can solve the problem without too many side affects.

Allergy – Environmental Factors
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