Allergy – Can We Stop It?

allergy in childFor many, living with allergy is a way of life. About 36 million American claim to suffer from allergy regardless of the season. It runs in families where parents and children react similarly to certain elements. But what really is an allergy?rpk-tramplin

Allergy is when our body react to harmless intruders, such as pollen, as if it was an enemy. The body produces an antibody which attacks the intruder and binds with him. Our body releases a chemical into the blood stream called Histamine. This substance causes most of the symptoms we call allergy.

There are many kinds of allergies; seasonal allergies that are connected to pollen, dander allergy connected to reactions to animals like cats and dogs, food allergies and insect sting allergies.

When the symptoms are mild, the allergy goes almost unnoticed. Moderate allergy is when you feel like you have a cold or a flu. Severe allergies can be life threatening. Most symptoms of the mild allergy will go away after the source of the allergy is removed. In sever allergies the reaction of the body already started and only an antidote will stop the symptoms.

Most people are aware what triggers their allergic reaction and try to avoid it. The allergic reaction is unique to the person. A plant that causes watery eyes and itchy nose in one will not have the same affect on another.

Allergies drugsThere are a few way to fight allergic reaction. The abundance of over the counter medicines is a testament that many people suffer from allergies and that the drugs help lessen the affect. Another treatment is monthly shots that eliminate the necessity of the daily drug.

Yet another way to fight the allergy is to find out what causes it, if the source is not obvious. This is done by injecting small amounts of allergy causing material into the body and seeing to which one of those you are allergic. It is a lengthy process that sometimes requires a hundred shots to be administered before you find the one that triggers an inflammation. After that you can avoid the allergy causing element, or, and this is a new method, expose the body to small amounts of the allergen for a period of time until your body develops tolerance to substance.

Allergy – Can We Stop It?
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