What is Reflexology?

ReflexologyReflexology is similar to acupressure but reflexology involves only the hand and feet for treatment. Reflexology is an ancient alternative healing method which aims at healing the body by giving pressure. Reflexology is based on the principle that every organ has a corresponding point in the hands and feet.

Like I said earlier the universal controlling energy is “chi” and by regulating this energy or channelizing this energy we can achieve perfect health.???????

Reflexology for healthy lifestyle: Reflexology practitioners suggest giving pressure to all the points in the hand using one of the instruments available in the market everyday for five to fifteen minutes to maintain a healthy body. With reflexology every organ can be vitalized and overall functioning is improved.

reflexology treatmentDetection of diseases with Reflexology: A reflexology practitioner is able to detect the exact problem including major diseases like cancer or heart attack. Also there are specific points which pertain to overall immunity enhancement and pain relief which can be used as complimentary treatment with other treatments.

Scientific approach?: Reflexology does not have any scientific proof or base. Till date there is no solid scientific proof or evidence of the efficiency. Scientists have strictly condemned it’s use as a main treatment stream for serious complications. Though they claim it’s not efficient there are evidences of reflexology being used for centuries.

A reflexologist detects the problem using the stress clues that are seen as visual signs of knobby toes etc. The reflexogist then fixes a time and targets the area of stress and applies a proper pressure technique to relax and ease out the stress thus giving relief to the patient. The patient is generally relaxed as the treatment is generally not too painful and most of the times bearable and relaxation or relief is achieved during the treatment itself.

There are lot of people who speak for and against this treatment methodology and unlike acupressure which has been accepted as a treatment method this is outright rejected by many. There are lot of self-help books available in the market which can go a long way in learning and practicing this art.

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