Prevention and Detection of diseases with Acupressure

3924960What is acupressure? How is prevention and detection of diseases possible with acupressure? Is it a scientific approach ? We are familiar with lot of proverbs that hail health. Health is very important for everyone to lead a happy and stress-free life.

Acupressure is a very good and natural way to do it. Acupuncture as you all know is an ancient Chinese therapy. The word acu means fine needle and to “puncture”. Acupressure is an advanced methodology of acupuncture which is sans needle. Here pressure is applied to the points. This makes it much safer than using a needle and avoid major complications that acupuncture had.

Prevention and detection of diseases with acupressure is not all you can treat most common to major diseases effectively. It is advisable that you consult an acupressure doctor for treatment though with little efforts you can practice yourself too which is the greatest advantage.

Acupressure is mainly based on the concept of “chi energy” and regulation of the same. The acupressure points are all over the body and very easy to locate. The energy channels run through the body which helps in regulation of chi energy. Acupressure points are classified based on the location and importance.

Our hands and soles have all the vital organ points and massaging them with acupressure tools everyday for 10 – 15 minutes will give the overall body a good vibe, regulate energy across all the main channels and improve general health. There are few specific points which relate to organs which when applied right pressure signal the presence of any discomfort in those organs. Thus preventions and detection of diseases with acupressure is possible. For e.g: Tip of the thumb point to brain.

thinking abilityA regular pressure of three minutes will develop the memory capacity in children and efficient functioning and thinking ability in adults. There is point in the central point at your wrist when you are with your palm facing you. Regular pressure on the point strengthens your immune system and and is the point used to detect major diseases like cancer!! This is a simple example to illustrate that preventions and detection of diseases with acupressure is not a myth.

A scientific and efficient approach the natural way is acupressure. Not only this, there are lot of instances where acupressure was used to give anesthesia to patients during surgery. There are few diseases that might not be treatable with acupressure but it’s an efficient tool in easing the pain and suffering of the symptoms. You could ask you doctor to suggest points that you could administer during pain and discomfort too.

Common cold to sinus problems to arthritis to sciatica acupressure is handy and effective. Not only prevention and detections of diseases with acupressure you can use this science to also maintain a healthy and disease free life by regulating the “chi energy” in your body.

Prevention and Detection of diseases with Acupressure
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