Acupressure for common ailments

acupressure commonAcupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method being practice for centuries with good success. Though scientists still claim Acupressure does not have any scientific proof it’s accepted by WHO as a treatment method.

This says it all for any skeptics who are against this treatment method as everyone knows WHO does not recognize any treatment without considerable evidences. Now let us have a look at the use of acupressure for common day-day ailments.

Dandruff : This is a very common yet embarrassing and recurring problem for both men and women. Treating dandruff is possible and effective with Acupressure. Dandruff occurs due to congestion or blockage of the vital energy due to several reasons like lack of sleep. Thus mild pressure or a gently massage on the affected area the scalp would give a relief from dandruff. Not only that it also relaxes the mind and body and gives a peaceful sleep which is a vital contributing factor in alleviating dandruff.

Back Ache reliefBack Ache : To get relief from constant back ache the point to be stimulated for smooth energy flow is the B54. This point lies exactly in the middle of the crease behind the knees. Giving pressure on these points (both the legs) gives immediate relief from pain. It’s advisable to lie down relaxed for a few minutes after this.

Frozen Shoulder Pain and Back Pain : Shiastu is a massaging technique which is a part or a method of acupressure. Shiastu massage effectively treats back ache and frozen shoulder pain.

Sinus : Sinus can be treated very effectively with acupressure. The point located at tip of the eyebrow & the finger tips is used to treat sinus and pain related to it.

Tips to follow when using Acupressure : Drink lots of water once you get up. Drink fresh fruit juice everyday if possible. Avoid Non-Veg and Fried foods as much as possible. Acupressure should be done thirty minutes prior to food or two hours after food.

Not only that fever, cold, nausea, BP and lots more are effectively treated through acupressure. Acupressure not only cures or relieves pain it also prevents and detects any problem in our body at early stages. Regular acupressure everyday for ten to fifteen minutes a day at your convenient timings can work wonders in your health. Acupressure advocates consumption if two and half litres a day minimum as water has an important role in purification. Use this healing art lead a healthy and happy life!!

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